Friday, November 12, 2010

My Hubpages Earning Growing

The month of October was my first ever best month since I started with Hubpages, the month I managed to 60 Euro just from Hubpages alone, and for the first time I made payment from Amazon and had my first ever check of $135 from Amazon. What is contributing the outcome

1. Quality Content - The more quality contents you write the more you will be able to earn, I have realized that quality contents sell themselves with you doing a little promotion or no marketing at but they will still mature. Am getting to understand how can really make money writing online and this has become my career and I expect to be living off writing articles online by March 2011. I have given my self this target and by then I will be having my hosted website to help write and promote some other work online. Starting by own hosted blog with the knowledge I have learnt will be of great advantage on my side because I now know what to do to make my work of great help to others and the reward will follow later

2. Time - This is another ingredient that is playing a big role in my writing career, I have found out that the articles written on Hubpages get good traffic after months or a year after publishing. The more time your article get on the internet the more it mature and get ranked on the Search Engine like Goggles, Yahoo, Bing etc. So when just getting started do not loose hope that you are not receiving any traffic if you are writing original and informative articles that will help readers. Writing online is not a get rich quick scheme that you may want to start today and become a millionaire in a fortnight,It takes time as your article mature slowly with time, so it takes time to realize any tangible results writing online.


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