Friday, November 12, 2010

My Hubpages Earning Growing

The month of October was my first ever best month since I started with Hubpages, the month I managed to 60 Euro just from Hubpages alone, and for the first time I made payment from Amazon and had my first ever check of $135 from Amazon. What is contributing the outcome

1. Quality Content - The more quality contents you write the more you will be able to earn, I have realized that quality contents sell themselves with you doing a little promotion or no marketing at but they will still mature. Am getting to understand how can really make money writing online and this has become my career and I expect to be living off writing articles online by March 2011. I have given my self this target and by then I will be having my hosted website to help write and promote some other work online. Starting by own hosted blog with the knowledge I have learnt will be of great advantage on my side because I now know what to do to make my work of great help to others and the reward will follow later

2. Time - This is another ingredient that is playing a big role in my writing career, I have found out that the articles written on Hubpages get good traffic after months or a year after publishing. The more time your article get on the internet the more it mature and get ranked on the Search Engine like Goggles, Yahoo, Bing etc. So when just getting started do not loose hope that you are not receiving any traffic if you are writing original and informative articles that will help readers. Writing online is not a get rich quick scheme that you may want to start today and become a millionaire in a fortnight,It takes time as your article mature slowly with time, so it takes time to realize any tangible results writing online.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Hot Money Making Topics Online

Making money online happens the moment you know what work best for you, knowing what topics to go for is a process that might take months, even one to two years. For you to know money making topics you must have a plan, in your plan you must documents your activities everyday

What your documentation should have

· How long does that particular topic takes to get indexed in the Search Engine

My Hot Money Making Topics Online

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making money Online With Doorways pages

I wrote an article on how you can make money writing on hubapges. Hubpages have been there since 2006 and many people are making money writing very useful information on hubpages. I have been making money on hubpages for the last 6 months and my monthly earning is recorded here: Hubpages Monthly Earning Online:

Do you feel that you want some residual income by just writing online, and then Hubpages is the best place to start earning money? Start by registering for free using this link: Free Hubpages registration.

Once you’ve registered you can start by writing doorways pages for more on Doorways pages click this link: Money with Doorways Pages?

To make money online using doorways pages on hubpages you have to be very informative and write quality contents and be rest assured that your effort will be rewarded handsomely. Now making money online is not a get rich quick scheme and for this reason, when joining the first thing you need to have in mind is that it involves a lot of effort on your side. Your effort will be based on producing many helpful and quality hubs (articles) that readers will find useful, with useful hubs you will have many people viewing your articles from search engine and as a result you will make more money with hubpages

I have been on hubpages for the last two years and my journey is clearly documented here: Making Money Online with Hubs my real story. It has taken me one year to understand how hubpages work and this has enabled me to utilized the features have pages comes with. Through hubpages I have known how to attract traffic through these four ways: 4 Ways to get free Search Engine Traffic.

The four methods discussed above are the primary ways for attracting traffic on my hubs, I have been using them without compromising and this has given me a great result. And lastly don’t forget to sign up for free on hubpages: Free Hubpages Signup

Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Make Money Online Commenting on Blogs: Am doing it and Earning

Internet Provide enormous opportunity of making money or earning a little extra income for anybody who wants to put in some effort and time. One can make money online by commenting on blogs although it has been going on for quite sometimes many people have not realized the potential of making money by commenting.
When commenting for money one has to be objective and write informative comments that would help those who are reading and looking for valuable information to help them make informed decision. The quality of your comments will make you earn a lot of money
Before starting to make comments one has to read the policy and procedure and ensure that he is going against them. You can make money if you just take your time and put in more effort and determination. This money making strategy will earn you good money when you start referring people to sign up with your websites. I have written a review of various companies that you will be able to make money from while doing product review and commenting on people’s blogs. Find out more from the link below how you can get started and look at the company to get you started with this venture. Hope you will find it useful

How to Make Money Online Commenting on Blogs: Am doing it and Earning

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 Ended With My Second Google Adsense Check

I have been writing here for almost 2 years now, and until June 09 my work here at Hubpages were somehow scattered, to put plainly I didn’t know what I was doing here although I joined to write and make money, but there was no money coming from Google Adsense which was my main reasons of joining hubpages. It took 18 months to get my first check from Google, but for the second Check it has only taken four months to realized that
2009 Ended With My Second Google Adsense Check

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Google Smart Pricing; What Google Didn’t Tell Us

Google Smart Price has been there and will continue to be there to protect Google Advertisers using the Adwords campaign programs. I have been wondering why sometimes I would get 0.01 Google Adsense earning from so many clicks, I had read about Google Smart Pricing but I was not satisfied with information I had at hand, I had to continue searching for more information about Adsense Smart Pricing to get exactly what it means and how it’s affecting me.
Google Smart Pricing; What Google Didn’t Tell Us

Google Public Service ad (PSA) – Killing My Adsense Revenue

Maybe it has happened to you maybe not but it will happen on your hubs, blogs and articles, but you will only realize when no money is coming from Google Adsense Programs. How do you know that Google Public Service ads are killing your Adsense, first for those who don’t know about Google Adsense Public Service ads, and I quote “PSA are non –profit organization ads that are served to pages when targeted ads are unavailable, or when Google is unable to gather content from the page. Publisher do not receiving earnings for clicks made on PSAs.”
Google Public Service ad (PSA) – Killing My Adsense Revenue