Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is HubPages and How Can You Really Make Money with Google Adsense

Hubpages is one of the simplest writing platform that allows you to write articles known as Hubs, the hubs enables you great ways to earn passive income as you enjoy writing. The most common ways to earn money from Hubpages is through Google Adsense, this happen by displaying Google Ads on your hubs. With the good traffic Hubs are experiencing you will have to do work to add on to the traffic being generate by Hubpages

The other way to earn money online on Hubpages is by displaying your eBay affiliate products on the hubs you are creating. This allows you to make eBay sell just on your hubs

The third way to earn money through Hubpages online is by displaying Amazon Affiliate products on your Hubs, this allows you to make money when you lead somebody from hubpages to Amazon and make a purchase

The fourth way to earn money online is by display Kontera contextual inline text ads on your Hubs, although few people are getting great success with Kontera but you can give it a try and probably it will work for you

To maximize your earning at Hubpages you can use their Referral Program which enables you to earn some percentage from impression generated by other Hubbers you have referred


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