Friday, September 11, 2009

Use Twitter to Make Money Other Than Greeting Your Friends

Average Twitter users are still not making money with Twitter at all. It is not that they do not want to make money with Twitter but they do not know how to do It. The best way to make money on Twitter is explained on this Article: Posting Links and Making Money with Twitter.

This Article explained one of the easiest approaches that do not requires you to have a website to make money, as you will get from the Article as you read it one is required to have account with Twitter in order to start making money with their Tweets. It is not like a blog where in order to make money blogging you must have your own blog and implement ways of making money. Twitter is just a micro blogging platform with a limit to 140 characters; use the 140 character to make you money over the internet rather than wasting the space everyday

Other than making money as explained on the article, you can also advertise your business on twitter; make your blog and website known to the outside world. Twitter allows you to make as many tweets as possible, consider this an advertising space that you are not paying for and remember the many people you will be reaching with Twitter online

When posting Tweets and making money ensure that your blog and site is posted to give you a back link, this will help you to rank higher on the Search Engine like Google. One last thing Use Twitter to Promote Your Article and Blog as Networking Tool


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