Friday, September 11, 2009

Tricks about Making Money with Hubpages

If you are a blogger and have not heard of Hubpages then know that you are missing a lot. Hubpages allow people like you and me to make money online writing Articles popularly known as Hubs. The following Tricks and Tips will help you make money at Hubpages
1. Use your Keyword in Your Hub Title
The problem with most people is that when coming up with a Hub Title, they write something that is unrelated to what they intend for Google Adsense. By using your Keyword in your Hub Title you are increasing the chaches of people linking back to Your site using the same Keyword as Anchor Link
2. Save images with your Keyword
You have to maximize and be smart on how you use keywords, one place that people ignore is the using the keyword on images that they intend to download. This helps those people Searching for images online to find you using the related Keyword
3. Tag Your Hubs
Tagging your Hub increases the chances of you being found when someone does a Search with a keyword related to your Tags
4. Remember to reply back your comments
As a Hubers you should never ignore comments by not replying back. Since you will not go back and revise your Hub, comments reply provides the best opportunity to put in more information. When replying use related keyword to point out your argument
5. Participate in Forums
Being in forums helps you increase your hub author ranking. The higher you rank the greater chance of you receiving free targeted traffic from Search Engine
6. Post your Link in related Columns


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