Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First Google Adsense Check Thanks To Hubpages

How do you feel when you’ve just reach your payment thresh hold set by Google, I felt great and I knew that it can happen to anyone

I made my first payment with Google Adsense for the first time in two years, although I started blogging two years ago, it is only until June 2009, that I realized the potential of Hubpages to generate Adsense earning. Before June 09, I had about 50 hubs, with two monetized blogs which are not being updated frequently, this blogs earning are low and have been wondering what to do with them
As my one of Hubs state very clearly how I was doing with Google and Hubpages when I reached the 50th Hub, I had to become a student and glad it is paying off, I learnt from Great Hubbers who were offering valuable information on how to maximize your earning with Hubpages.

After June I decided to take some action and massive action at Hubpages, and one thing I had to was to create more informative Hubs, and I did about 30 hubs on different topics after doing Keyword Research, come July I was noticing some small but significant result, my traffic had double and I had surpassed June earning by 50%, I made about $14 from Hubpages only in the month of July, the increase to earning was due to massive action take in June to write more Hubs

Came the Hub Challenge and this gave me an opportunity to write 30 hubs in 30 days, although I did not finish my 30th hub due to some reasons, I managed 29 hubs, but my traffic had gone from just 200 Pages Views to 500 Pages Views a day. This the month I managed to earn more than $10 in one day, and my total August Earning was $47, which was triple my July Earning, and this the month I made my first Google Adsense Payment


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