Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Use Google Keyword Tool to Write Profitable Hubs and Blogs

When writing articles at Hubpages, it is normally recommended that you do your Keyword Search, there are so many Keyword Tools that you can use but majority are not free. Google through their Adwords offers one great tool that enables you get Keywords that are more searched. When looking for keywords consider the following
1. Competition
It is normally good to consider the number of competitors showing the same keyword on their websites and blogs, the higher the competition the more difficult you will rank for that keyword. Any Keyword that is 1 is more difficult to rank for and you will require doing some smart work to outdo the old folks who has been displaying this keyword for a while. The less competition the better because you will be able to rank well for that selected keyword, any keyword with 0.8 and below normally are good to go for. Always use the command allintitle :( keyword) to find out which sites are actually utilizing the keyword in the titles
2. Volume
After checking your competition and would be useful to go for a keyword that has many competition but has 100 searches a month. This means that no people are searching for this particular keyword and you will be wasting your time. Get those keywords with medium competition and has a volume amounting to 1000 and more a month, this volume of searches you are sure that people are typing this keyword in their Search Engine such as Google and Yahoo
3. Cost Per Click
Now that you have known your competition and volume concerning your keywords, the next step is find out how much the selected keyword is being bid for, the higher the bid the better, go bids which are $1 and more, remember with this amount you may earn something to do with $0,4 per click because Google also has to take it share

Note: You can also check which Keyword is on the rise by using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool


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