Friday, September 11, 2009

How to make money with twitter

Twitter is more than a socialization micro blogging where you say hello what are you doing. When Twitter started nobody knew that it could much the like of Facebook
How to make money on Twitter

Twitter allows users to create back link which in turns allow your sites and blog to rank high on the Search Engine. Ensure that every article you write the url is submitted to twitter as this will help create anchor link for your blog article.
As this post explained How to make money posting link on twitter is one way how people all over the world are using Twitter to make. How to make money posting link on twitter make a well written and explained how through posting link you are going to earn money. It is this post that made review ways in which twitter can help you make money.

Make money from Twitter by advertising your blog and site, many people are now making their blogs and sites known through twitter. This enables massive traffic and if you are implementing making money on Twitter through posting links then you stand a chance to benefit fully.

Other than making money on twitter you can also use it as a Networking platform to promote your traffic. This is one way you can promote your Blog and Sites through Networking. The more people you interact with the better you expose your blog and site to the masses and make your product easily accessible to people.

Once again you can make money on Twitter by just adding links on your tweet. This is one method that people are using to make money, just get your act together as you start implementing the strategy. Are you an Google Adsense advertiser then Twitter is the best place to be


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