Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Create Back link Using your Hubs and Increase Your SEO Ranking

To rank higher on any Search Engine Then you have to create quality back links, you can either generate back links by yourself or having people to link back to you. The best way is to let people do the work for you. But if you cannot let people back link to your blog then the best way is to create it yourself.

Hubpages is a tool which will enable you to create quality back link, you can create as many back link as possible using Hubpages. Join Hubpages and create Articles (Hubs) relating to your blogs and create anchor links with your blog keywords on the created Hub

Create as many hubs as you can, let the hubs be of high quality with about 400 words and related photos and videos, do not use copyrighted photos or video as this will lower the quality of your Hub, the higher quality your Hub is the better
Hubpages generally enjoys massive Search Engine Traffic as a way of getting traffic to your blogs write as many Hubs as Possible, with the helpful community you will find yourself earning through Google Adsense on Hubpages and this will just increase your monetary productivity

There are many people using Hubpages as a promotional tool after setting up their blogs they come and write Hubs pointing to their blog which help in any Search Engine Ranking. Getting started with Hubpages is free and you can take Hubpages Tour before Signing Up


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