Friday, September 11, 2009

How Am Progressing With Google Adsense and Hubpages

In one of Post I had elaborated how you can make money writing articles which are known as Hubs and making money. I have been using this method online and other stand alone blogs to do so. The aim of this article is to show you how much Hubpages is worth when comes to Google Adsense.

I have been with Hubpages for two years now but it is until June 2009 that I realized the importance of how you can make good money online from it Hubpages. During the month of August I saw my Hubpages Adsense Earning three times than the previous Month. This is the Month That Hubpages had a total of $47 from just 10 hubs (articles).

Writing at Hubpages have been tough but enjoyable after you’ve known the tricks, Initial when I did my first 50 hubs the more money was not coming and I thought I was wasting Time, but little did I know that big things are to come.

For Those who are getting started the trick is just to keep at it until you make it, but majority of beginners wants quick money and do not stay little longer to see the benefit of Hubpages. Here is my profile and Articles I have written at Hubpages


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