Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can I Earn a Living Just Writing Articles on HubPages?

This is one question asked by newbie when they just joined Hubpages, probably trying to replace their lost job salary, for newbie who are looking for quick money online with no work the answer is definitely NO?. Hubpages is an online writing platform that can help you make ends meet but you have to so smart work to realize this.
My main goal with Hubpages was to launch my writing career which is actually progressing well here at Hubpages, with this I will be able to earn a living writing online on my personal niche websites
Earning at Hubpages varies and it depend with what amount can earn you a living, your living cost is something to do with $500 a month then yes you can earn a living here at Hubpages. But it is something that you have to work for
To make sure that you are earning $500 through Google Adsense you need about 500 hubs with each Hub giving you $16 a month, this is very achievable and am on my way doing it. The requirements to this earning are

1. Great hubs
2. Many keyword Researched Hubs
3. Smart Back Linking
4. Search Engine Traffic
5. Referral Sign Up

With the above five techniques you can make good money at Hubpages, the problem is that it takes time and patient and since most people do not have this, it becomes difficult to earn a living writing at Hubpages but with Time you are on your way to making a living here at Hubpages. Like for me it took me 2 years to My Google Adsense Check


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