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Can I Earn a Living Just Writing Articles on HubPages?

This is one question asked by newbie when they just joined Hubpages, probably trying to replace their lost job salary, for newbie who are looking for quick money online with no work the answer is definitely NO?. Hubpages is an online writing platform that can help you make ends meet but you have to so smart work to realize this.
My main goal with Hubpages was to launch my writing career which is actually progressing well here at Hubpages, with this I will be able to earn a living writing online on my personal niche websites
Earning at Hubpages varies and it depend with what amount can earn you a living, your living cost is something to do with $500 a month then yes you can earn a living here at Hubpages. But it is something that you have to work for
To make sure that you are earning $500 through Google Adsense you need about 500 hubs with each Hub giving you $16 a month, this is very achievable and am on my way doing it. The requirements to this earning are

1. Great hubs
2. Many keyword Researched Hubs
3. Smart Back Linking
4. Search Engine Traffic
5. Referral Sign Up

With the above five techniques you can make good money at Hubpages, the problem is that it takes time and patient and since most people do not have this, it becomes difficult to earn a living writing at Hubpages but with Time you are on your way to making a living here at Hubpages. Like for me it took me 2 years to My Google Adsense Check

My First Google Adsense Check Thanks To Hubpages

How do you feel when you’ve just reach your payment thresh hold set by Google, I felt great and I knew that it can happen to anyone

I made my first payment with Google Adsense for the first time in two years, although I started blogging two years ago, it is only until June 2009, that I realized the potential of Hubpages to generate Adsense earning. Before June 09, I had about 50 hubs, with two monetized blogs which are not being updated frequently, this blogs earning are low and have been wondering what to do with them
As my one of Hubs state very clearly how I was doing with Google and Hubpages when I reached the 50th Hub, I had to become a student and glad it is paying off, I learnt from Great Hubbers who were offering valuable information on how to maximize your earning with Hubpages.

After June I decided to take some action and massive action at Hubpages, and one thing I had to was to create more informative Hubs, and I did about 30 hubs on different topics after doing Keyword Research, come July I was noticing some small but significant result, my traffic had double and I had surpassed June earning by 50%, I made about $14 from Hubpages only in the month of July, the increase to earning was due to massive action take in June to write more Hubs

Came the Hub Challenge and this gave me an opportunity to write 30 hubs in 30 days, although I did not finish my 30th hub due to some reasons, I managed 29 hubs, but my traffic had gone from just 200 Pages Views to 500 Pages Views a day. This the month I managed to earn more than $10 in one day, and my total August Earning was $47, which was triple my July Earning, and this the month I made my first Google Adsense Payment

What is HubPages and How Can You Really Make Money with Google Adsense

Hubpages is one of the simplest writing platform that allows you to write articles known as Hubs, the hubs enables you great ways to earn passive income as you enjoy writing. The most common ways to earn money from Hubpages is through Google Adsense, this happen by displaying Google Ads on your hubs. With the good traffic Hubs are experiencing you will have to do work to add on to the traffic being generate by Hubpages

The other way to earn money online on Hubpages is by displaying your eBay affiliate products on the hubs you are creating. This allows you to make eBay sell just on your hubs

The third way to earn money through Hubpages online is by displaying Amazon Affiliate products on your Hubs, this allows you to make money when you lead somebody from hubpages to Amazon and make a purchase

The fourth way to earn money online is by display Kontera contextual inline text ads on your Hubs, although few people are getting great success with Kontera but you can give it a try and probably it will work for you

To maximize your earning at Hubpages you can use their Referral Program which enables you to earn some percentage from impression generated by other Hubbers you have referred

How to Use Google Keyword Tool to Write Profitable Hubs and Blogs

When writing articles at Hubpages, it is normally recommended that you do your Keyword Search, there are so many Keyword Tools that you can use but majority are not free. Google through their Adwords offers one great tool that enables you get Keywords that are more searched. When looking for keywords consider the following
1. Competition
It is normally good to consider the number of competitors showing the same keyword on their websites and blogs, the higher the competition the more difficult you will rank for that keyword. Any Keyword that is 1 is more difficult to rank for and you will require doing some smart work to outdo the old folks who has been displaying this keyword for a while. The less competition the better because you will be able to rank well for that selected keyword, any keyword with 0.8 and below normally are good to go for. Always use the command allintitle :( keyword) to find out which sites are actually utilizing the keyword in the titles
2. Volume
After checking your competition and would be useful to go for a keyword that has many competition but has 100 searches a month. This means that no people are searching for this particular keyword and you will be wasting your time. Get those keywords with medium competition and has a volume amounting to 1000 and more a month, this volume of searches you are sure that people are typing this keyword in their Search Engine such as Google and Yahoo
3. Cost Per Click
Now that you have known your competition and volume concerning your keywords, the next step is find out how much the selected keyword is being bid for, the higher the bid the better, go bids which are $1 and more, remember with this amount you may earn something to do with $0,4 per click because Google also has to take it share

Note: You can also check which Keyword is on the rise by using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

How to Create Back link Using your Hubs and Increase Your SEO Ranking

To rank higher on any Search Engine Then you have to create quality back links, you can either generate back links by yourself or having people to link back to you. The best way is to let people do the work for you. But if you cannot let people back link to your blog then the best way is to create it yourself.

Hubpages is a tool which will enable you to create quality back link, you can create as many back link as possible using Hubpages. Join Hubpages and create Articles (Hubs) relating to your blogs and create anchor links with your blog keywords on the created Hub

Create as many hubs as you can, let the hubs be of high quality with about 400 words and related photos and videos, do not use copyrighted photos or video as this will lower the quality of your Hub, the higher quality your Hub is the better
Hubpages generally enjoys massive Search Engine Traffic as a way of getting traffic to your blogs write as many Hubs as Possible, with the helpful community you will find yourself earning through Google Adsense on Hubpages and this will just increase your monetary productivity

There are many people using Hubpages as a promotional tool after setting up their blogs they come and write Hubs pointing to their blog which help in any Search Engine Ranking. Getting started with Hubpages is free and you can take Hubpages Tour before Signing Up

Friday, September 11, 2009

How to get Traffic to Your Blog, Hubs and Earn More Money Online

There are so many ways in which you can drive Traffic to your Articles, Website and earn more as Explained by the article: The Most Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Earn More. It explains the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and earn more money.

Traffic is the life blood for any blog and website and without it you will not achieve your goals, be it earning or just getting people on your site. The four ways of getting traffic as explained by the articles are simple strategies to implement
Commenting on other blogs is one way that add new contents to your website, and if you did not know that this is just another content generating mechanism as Search Engine Boots do recognizes them as new contents and help in your page ranking. The higher you rank the better since you will be able to get your blog in the first page of Google , Yahoo and other major Search Engine Pages

Since many people stressed more on content generation, if you are lazy to produce new contents every now and then, what you need on your blog are plenty of comments, how to get people comments on your blog or website is another work altogether. It can only happen if you normally comment on other people’s blog

I have an article Title My 50 Hubs and $40 Google Adsense Earning, which was published in june 2009 and has already 100+ comments, with such comment the article is generating healthy Search Engine Traffic. Now from the above article you can just see how the power of comments should not be ignored anymore

Tricks about Making Money with Hubpages

If you are a blogger and have not heard of Hubpages then know that you are missing a lot. Hubpages allow people like you and me to make money online writing Articles popularly known as Hubs. The following Tricks and Tips will help you make money at Hubpages
1. Use your Keyword in Your Hub Title
The problem with most people is that when coming up with a Hub Title, they write something that is unrelated to what they intend for Google Adsense. By using your Keyword in your Hub Title you are increasing the chaches of people linking back to Your site using the same Keyword as Anchor Link
2. Save images with your Keyword
You have to maximize and be smart on how you use keywords, one place that people ignore is the using the keyword on images that they intend to download. This helps those people Searching for images online to find you using the related Keyword
3. Tag Your Hubs
Tagging your Hub increases the chances of you being found when someone does a Search with a keyword related to your Tags
4. Remember to reply back your comments
As a Hubers you should never ignore comments by not replying back. Since you will not go back and revise your Hub, comments reply provides the best opportunity to put in more information. When replying use related keyword to point out your argument
5. Participate in Forums
Being in forums helps you increase your hub author ranking. The higher you rank the greater chance of you receiving free targeted traffic from Search Engine
6. Post your Link in related Columns

How Am Progressing With Google Adsense and Hubpages

In one of Post I had elaborated how you can make money writing articles which are known as Hubs and making money. I have been using this method online and other stand alone blogs to do so. The aim of this article is to show you how much Hubpages is worth when comes to Google Adsense.

I have been with Hubpages for two years now but it is until June 2009 that I realized the importance of how you can make good money online from it Hubpages. During the month of August I saw my Hubpages Adsense Earning three times than the previous Month. This is the Month That Hubpages had a total of $47 from just 10 hubs (articles).

Writing at Hubpages have been tough but enjoyable after you’ve known the tricks, Initial when I did my first 50 hubs the more money was not coming and I thought I was wasting Time, but little did I know that big things are to come.

For Those who are getting started the trick is just to keep at it until you make it, but majority of beginners wants quick money and do not stay little longer to see the benefit of Hubpages. Here is my profile and Articles I have written at Hubpages

How to make money Online with Google Adsense Writing

Making money online can sometime very difficult if you are just getting started and can be confusing and many new comers will always quit after 6 six or less than six months. There are many methods to make money online. You can decide to use twitter to have tweets make money for you and it is free to do so.

The other way to make money online is to strictly use Google Adsense and Hubpages this method is for those who dot have their personal blogs and website. Hubpages is a good place to write articles and use your Google affiliate to make money. With the easily available traffic you can do well on hubpages than on your personal blog where driving traffic may be a headache for you.

There are so many web2.0 platforms that works like Hubpages that you can decide to get start with, these websites are also for creating a back link to your websites and this will Increase Traffic from Search Engines

After settling for a particular method to make money online, what you need is consistency, without consistency for one year you will not earn anything and you will just quit as the many that have opted after months of frustration

Get one method and stay with it, since there people making money online you can also make money there big difference between you and them is that they learnt a lot in their first days and were not money focus. Concentrate on your input in the first days before checking on the results. As you may know it is the input that results into the outcome. The more input you make the better as your result will be great

How to Earn Money Online Other Than Google Adsense

There are alternatives Ways to Adsense Program that can make you earn money on the internet. Since Google Adsense has dominated the web, few people are thinking of other ways to get money online. To earn online you can promote one of your best affiliate program and this will make you good money. To earn on

1. Affiliate programs - You need Tone of Search Engine Traffic as this is the only way to get people buy your product online

2. Your Expertise – If you have some skills and experience in certain fields, you can decide to sell your skill on the internet, you earn by charging people on your programs, like Rich Dad has a coaching programs where they charge people for their money coaching session. You can also do the same, what you need is just set out your Website and makes it known. You can make you expertise known by advertising through social forums like Facebook, Myspace and many other channels. The more Customers you have the better

3. Stock Photography – This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. All which is required of you is get some good photographs upload them on website that sell photos on your behalf. You will earn some passive money online

4. Sell your items on eBay. This is one of the largest web auctioning site that you can sell and buy things online. With very many people and traffic, you can make money selling products on eBay

These are just a few ways to make money online. You can also make money writing on platform like Hubpages and find success by just writing articles

Use Twitter to Make Money Other Than Greeting Your Friends

Average Twitter users are still not making money with Twitter at all. It is not that they do not want to make money with Twitter but they do not know how to do It. The best way to make money on Twitter is explained on this Article: Posting Links and Making Money with Twitter.

This Article explained one of the easiest approaches that do not requires you to have a website to make money, as you will get from the Article as you read it one is required to have account with Twitter in order to start making money with their Tweets. It is not like a blog where in order to make money blogging you must have your own blog and implement ways of making money. Twitter is just a micro blogging platform with a limit to 140 characters; use the 140 character to make you money over the internet rather than wasting the space everyday

Other than making money as explained on the article, you can also advertise your business on twitter; make your blog and website known to the outside world. Twitter allows you to make as many tweets as possible, consider this an advertising space that you are not paying for and remember the many people you will be reaching with Twitter online

When posting Tweets and making money ensure that your blog and site is posted to give you a back link, this will help you to rank higher on the Search Engine like Google. One last thing Use Twitter to Promote Your Article and Blog as Networking Tool

How to make money with twitter

Twitter is more than a socialization micro blogging where you say hello what are you doing. When Twitter started nobody knew that it could much the like of Facebook
How to make money on Twitter

Twitter allows users to create back link which in turns allow your sites and blog to rank high on the Search Engine. Ensure that every article you write the url is submitted to twitter as this will help create anchor link for your blog article.
As this post explained How to make money posting link on twitter is one way how people all over the world are using Twitter to make. How to make money posting link on twitter make a well written and explained how through posting link you are going to earn money. It is this post that made review ways in which twitter can help you make money.

Make money from Twitter by advertising your blog and site, many people are now making their blogs and sites known through twitter. This enables massive traffic and if you are implementing making money on Twitter through posting links then you stand a chance to benefit fully.

Other than making money on twitter you can also use it as a Networking platform to promote your traffic. This is one way you can promote your Blog and Sites through Networking. The more people you interact with the better you expose your blog and site to the masses and make your product easily accessible to people.

Once again you can make money on Twitter by just adding links on your tweet. This is one method that people are using to make money, just get your act together as you start implementing the strategy. Are you an Google Adsense advertiser then Twitter is the best place to be

How to create Back link on Twitter and Make More Money Tweeting

Many blogger now understand the importance of creating back links to their blogs and Websites. The many back links and quality back links you have the higher you rank on the Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, BING etc, if you rank higher on Search Engine the better and this will help you make more money as your blog and site is exposed to outside Traffic. Search Engine Traffic is the best traffic that will convert well into a paying traffic, these are the visitors that will buy your product or click on your ads, the more Search Engine traffic you have the better.

There are so many ways to get Search Engine Traffic as explained in the Article Title: The Top 4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Earn More learn the 4 ways as explained step by step and you will see your traffic increases. Twitter will help you with more traffic and many people will have to know the product you are offering

Now that you have drive traffic to your Website and probably making money or none at all from the traffic, here is another way to make money on Twitter: How to Make Money on Twitter with Your Tweets Every day, I will not go into details on the article as you can read it once aspect that I find very true and am implementing is using Cost Per Click on Your Tweets.

This is the same method Google Adsense is working. This is one chance that need no recruitment nor require a website to implement, all you need to do is have a twitter account that all

How You Can Really Make Money With Twitter?

Many people are asking this question and wondering if they can make money on twitter. Yes you can make money on twitter. There are so many ways to do it and one direct way which is quite easy and just need you to have account with Twitter is explained in this post title: Twitter Make Money Posting Links on Your Tweets . Yes this is the easy way to make money on Twitter and I need not discuss it as the above article explained it in details and the procedure as a twitter you need to take

The beauty with this kind of making money on Twitter is that as you have your friends that have already joined on Twitter is enough to get you started. The secret is to have more friends to connect with online, find friends on Facebook or any other Social Bookmarking site and share your Twitter Url with them, the more friends you have the better.

Finding friends is not such a difficult thing online as what you need to do is interact with many people, visit other blogs and leave comments after reading their article. Introduce yourself to other Bloggers and make your Blog Known all over the Internet
Just ensure that you make most out of Twitter as this can be a good place to earn Passive Income on the Internet. This the Income that kept on coming regardless of whether you are tweeting or not, start with twitter, you do not need a blog to do it.